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Survey of fan participation and attitudes in the Supernatural fandom. Data is completely anonymous and will never be sold to third parties. Please answer questions to the best of your ability and as completely as possible. Note that you may skip any question if you so choose. Completion should take 5-10 minutes.
Research results and analysis will be made available publicly at fandometrics. Survey link will remain actively through May 1st, with a possibility of extension.
Please distribute widely! It is important that we receive answers from all parts of the fandom.
Thank you in advance for your participation!
Note: It has been brought to our attention that the website sogosurvey tracks IP addresses, presumably to limit individuals to one response. While we do not have IP addresses available in our results that we are aware of, we want you to be aware so you can make an informed decision. We take anonymity very seriously. For our project we will only look at group statistics and will not isolate individuals.

What have you done?

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Why has no one giffed the look exchanged between Sam and Gadreel when he left with Metratron

shut up I don’t ship it

Anonymous asked: Can i follow you on twitter?

You don’t have to ask me, anon! Go for it.


3 Awesome Supernatural Designs You May Have Not Seen

Some designs were added a day late to the “Supernatural Challenge” so you may have not seen them or had a chance to vote for them.

  1. Vote Here | Shadows - Join the Hunt
  2. Vote Here | The Road So Far
  3. Vote Here | Ready for Battle

…vote on more of your favorites here.



In a recent interview with the Huffington Post Misha expressed a desire to return to Supernatural for season 10, but stated that he had yet to be approached by anyone from the show about returning.
Now more than ever, it’s important to let TPTB know just how much Misha and Castiel mean to you.
We need you to Send a blue tie for Castiel!
We want Misha back for Season 10, and back as a regular in more episodes than in season 9, but we need your help to let TPTB know. Go to your local second hand store or charity shop and buy a blue tie (or multiple blue ties!). Consider online options like ebay too. They shouldn’t be more than a few dollars each. Then send your tie to Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer to let them know you want Castiel in season 10. Include a note that reads

We couldn’t help but notice Castiel misplaced his iconic blue tie. We figured he might want it back for season 10, the same way WE want Misha back for season 10 as a regular in even more episodes than season 9! We went ahead and sent this blue tie to help Castiel out.

Or write something in your own words that expresses the same idea, unique messages always get attention. Remember to be polite and respectful, this is about sharing love, not anger or upset.
You can send your blue tie in a bubble mailer like this or in a small box like this.
Mail your note and your blue tie to:
Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer Supernatural c/o Warner Bros Television 3400 Riverside Drive, 7th Floor Burbank, CA, 91505
Thanks for your ongoing support of Misha and Castiel!
-The Castiel Fan Network
on twitter @angelwarriorcas 

This is the BEST time to do this.

oh my god (x)

Anonymous asked: someone doesn't agree with you so you're done talking to them? what a spoiled, childish way to live life. I shudder to think about how you will fare in the real world where you won't always get your way and people won't always agree with everything you believe.